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Android vs Windows Phone 7

android vs windows phone 7

Android Vs Windows Mobile 7The two operating systems, Android and Windows Phone 7 face neck to neck competition as both are preferred by people. A handset hooks the interests of the gadget lovers when it is equipped with user-friendly interface, plenty of applications and a plethora of unique features. When a mobile phone is invested with the latest and updated operating system it helps in the marketing of the product.

Android Vs Windows Phone 7 – Summary

Andriod wins almost of the categories in the Android vs Windows Phone 7 Review. Andriod has 10x more phone, apps & development.

Android Vs Windows Phone 7 Video Review


Android Vs Windows Phone 7 – Tools/ Features android-os

The Windows users are deprived of the facility to upgrade their mobile phones with the new features available. This is a huge setback for Windows Phone 7, which should be given a thought by the company to make it more user-friendly among the gadget lovers. The mobile companies which are associated with Google to facilitate the business process will enable Android users to enjoy and relish the new features by availing the upgrading option.

Android Vs Windows Phone 7 – Usability android-os

Android provides the opportunity to its innumerable users to reuse some of the components. In case of any requirement for replacements, a user with an Android supporting mobile phone can do so with ease. Android is favored by the users in most cases and scores over Windows Phone 7. However, there are staunch supporters of Windows Phone 7, who has some fondness for this operating system. Android has successfully catered to the needs of the people, after realizing the market trend. The operating system of Google has proved lucrative for many users and truthfully speaking Windows Phone 7 do not come anywhere when it comes to serving people’s interests.

Android Vs Windows Phone 7 – Hardware android-os

The minimum requirement of the Android is that it can run with CPU speed that is below 500MHZ. On the other hand, Windows Phone 7 needs at least 1 GHZ. The users have come up with the opinion that the Windows Phone 7 will burn a hole in their pocket to possess a phone supported by Windows Phone 7. Android supports Google Nexus One which has scaled the popularity chart at a faster pace. Equipped with a processing time of 1GHZ, it is noteworthy that Google Nexus One is considered to be the expensive one among the array of mobile phones supported by Android.

Android Vs Windows Phone 7 – Open / Close Source android-os

Windows Phone 7 takes a back seat when it comes to Android’s open source community. The scoring point of Android is the Open Source Platform based on Linux Kernel, equipped with its open source community. The open source community is always at the beck and call of the users addressing and solving their problems. The users are provided with the knowledge to make a better use of technology guided by the full support of team providing quality service and assistance 24*7. Windows Mobile has to do a lot of proper homework in understanding the needs of the customers to provide quality service.

Android Vs Windows Phone 7 -Internet and Email android-oswindow mobile 7

Widows Phone 7 ships with IE Mobile as the only browser, which is expected to perform better than the backdated browsers such as Opera, Skyfire and Picsel. Though Skyfire and Opera is planning updates. IE Mobile provides fast and easy browsing experience and smooth download as well.

Android made adjustments to its browser experience with Froyo, and the experience is quite fast.

Android Vs Windows Phone 7 – Applications

Android comes with a wide range of applications in comparison to the mobiles phones based on WP7. There are loads of third party apps available in the Android handsets, which is something the users want in the smartphones.

Android Vs Windows Phone 7 – Multimedia android-os

Both Android and WP7 provide diverse multimedia features such as camera, music player and video playback functionalities. The media players can play files of different formats.

Android Vs Windows Phone 7 – Summary android-os

Andriod has 10x more phones, apps & development. Andriod wins almost of the categories in the Android vs Windows Phone 7 Review.

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    I hate windows mobile 6.5

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    the window 7 marketplace is too limited at the moment. It will take years for MS to catch up to the app store or Andriod market

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    Ja deteste Android

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