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Blackberry Battery Life – Avoid blackberry battery drain

Blackberry Battery Life Tips

  • Tips to avoid blackberry battery drain
  • Best blackberry battery monitor apps
  • Easy settings changes to extend your blackberry battery life

How to Maximize Your Blackberry Battery life

So, you must have been reading this page to know more about how to maximize the blackberry battery life. People want to use 2G, Wi-Fi, and play games all the time on their smart phones and still want to have a great battery backup. If you are one of them then there are few simple tips by which you can enjoy extended blackberry battery life of your blackberry handset very easily. We can recommend either installing a blackberry battery monitor app, buy a new blackberry battery charger or change simply a few blackberry settings.

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Blackberry Battery Life Tip – Turn off Wi-Fi network if not available

Wi-Fi affects blackberry handsets battery crucially. When compared using phone on Wi-Fi saves lot of battery. If you use Wi-Fi on Bold 9900for hold day then also you will find that about 80% battery is still there in your set. But it is advisable to turn your battery off when you are not using it or in areas where Wi-Fi is not available.

To disable your WI-Fi Go to your home screen tap on the Network Settings -> Uncheck Wi-Fi.

Blackberry Battery Life Tip – Keep your backlight Dim

It is a human tendency that when someone buys a new phone, he or she wants to show off and like to set the brightness to the maximum. But it is better to keep your backlight dim to save your battery.

To change the brightness of your backlight

Go to Options >
Display >
Screen Display >
Adjust brightness to 10.

Blackberry Battery Life Tip – Lessen your backlight timeout

It is advisable to keep the screen timeout time adjusted to the minimum time as it saves the battery of your phone. You should adjust the timing of screen timeout to not more than 30-40 seconds after you have done with your work on your phone. This helps in saving a lot of your phone’s battery.

For adjusting the Backlight timeout

Go to Options >
Display >
Screen Display >
Change backlight timeout to 20 or 30 seconds.

Blackberry Battery Life Tip – Turn Bluetooth Off

When it comes to Bluetooth, BlackBerry phones are considered to be great as you can connect your phone to a variety of devices like headsets, computers, speakers and much more. But that doesn’t mean that you keep your Bluetooth on always as it slowly eats up your phone battery.

You can disable your BB’s Bluetooth when it’s not in use by unchecking the Bluetooth in Network Settings in your Home screen area.


Blackberry Battery Life Tip – Networking Settings should be changed in Poor Coverage areas

If you observe that your phone is not able to find the full network zone then it’s better to turn the data off or change your Network Settings from 3G/H+ down to 2G.

To change your Network settings,

Click on the Network Settings area on your home screen ->
tap on Networks and Connections ->
Mobile Network ->
select 2G near Network Mode.

Blackberry Battery Life Tip – Try to keep phone on Bedside Mode

You may not be aware of this feature for turning off or on automatically at certain times. This feature saves your battery to some extent. One amazing fact about this feature is that if you have an alarm to be buzzed before your turn on time, you phone will turn on automatically to ring the alarm.

Bedside mode is also somewhat similar present inside the Options under Clock. Through this feature your device’s LED, Radio and screen backlight lowers automatically. Moreover your phone calls and SMSs remain active in Bedside Mode.

Choose Auto On/Off in Options ->
Here you can also select Weekends, Weekdays or time you want your phone to Turn On or off.

Blackberry Battery Life Tip – Unused Apps must be closed

Battery life can be easily extended if you close all the unused apps of your phone. Especially the apps that uses your GPS locations or keep on doing some other task must be turned off when not required. For this purpose you have been provided with an App Switcher to check for all the running apps and then closing the unwanted ones.

Just press and hold your Menu Button,
App Switcher will start
Choose the apps you want to close.

Buy a new blackberry battery or charger

When the blackberry settings changes are not making much difference, consider buying a new blackberry battery or charger. Especially with the blackberry battery is not charging at all.

How much is a blackberry battery?

The cost of a new blackberry battery like the most models blackberry battery c-s2, blackberry battery d-x1& blackberry battery c-x2 is very cheap. The cost varies from $5 to $15.

Best blackberry battery monitor APP.

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Battery Watch – Free Power Consumption Monitor FREE

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    Maximizing my batteries has always been a hard task for me. Thanks for these tips. I really need this because of my work my phone rings more than 30 times a day. It is really consuming a lot.

  2. giggerberg says:

    Thanks a lot for this info.. Some days my phone gets out of power in times when I need it the most .. But now I know how to deal with this.. Such a nice info. Great!

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