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Complete guide on How to Buy a Smartphone

A Complete guide on How to Buy a Smartphone

How to Buy a Smartphone

Nowadays everyone is interested in buying a smartphone as now people don’t want just a cellphone. Coming of smartphones has revolutionized the wireless speeds. Android phones are the most powerful players in the market. Apple as always has again crossed 90 million customers for its all new iPhone 4. This success story has not been same for other smartphones like Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, who are trying their best to conquer the market. Nokia is trying to be in the market by shaking hands with Microsoft but still couldn’t get a great place in the charts. Buying a Smartphone is not an easy task now. Before choosing your smartphone now have to make some efforts to find what your phone is offering you.

Below are the main features that you should check for before buying your smartphone.

Step 1: Choose the latest Operating System

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The new battleground for the phone users these days is operating system. It is the operating system on which your phone’s speed, usability and capabilities depend upon. These days Android and Apple iOS are in discussions everywhere. You get the best apps in iPhones but android market and new windows store is not very far away in terms of popularity. The Android based phones are in tough competition with the iPhone as they are compatible with almost any network providing good data services. The best thing about the Android phones is its open-source market with big 4-inch screens, dual-core processors. They offer high speed internet and GPS navigation is free. However there are some drawbacks also like sometimes it might face bugs and OS updates are not constant.

You will come across various smartphone platforms but all have few snags. Microsoft has recently launched its Window’s Phone 7 which has an easy user interface but we have not found much of its uses in the market. Now we are waiting to get the reviews about the HP Palm’s new WebOS. When it comes to Nokia the brand call itself consistent, it has good sales in many countries of the world.

Step2: Which Form Factor suits you the best?

Slim and sleek body fits for the touch screen phones including the interactive user interface, fast internet browsing. The third party app developers get full leverage of smartphones being without any button so they can launch their own controlling plans. However there are some people who don’t like the touchscreen and prefer those bulky QWERTY keyboards.

Step3: Look for the Smartphone having a good App Store

People are now crazy for the irresistible apps offered by these smartphones. Android and iPhones are the best option for such app lovers. You can enjoy more than 300,000 apps in the Apple’s App Store. Same is the case with Android phones as they also offer you great apps. The best thing about the Android Market is that it is an Open Source Market that gives freedom to developers to develop their own apps. All other smartphones don’t offer such infinite apps.

Step4: Select the Smartphone offering good Call Quality

Before buying any phone it is better to check the reviews available either on internet or in the market to ensure that you buy a phone with good voice quality and high wireless network coverage. Another thing to be checked is how well your phone’s Bluetooth pairs up with other devices.

Step5: Never cross your budget so look for good Up-Front Prices

Different countries have different price charts. In U.S. buying high price phones like powerful HTC Inspire 4G is not a big issue if you are ready to sign a two-year contract with wireless carriers. Most pricey phones are like unlocked Samsung Galaxy SII ($500) but using T-Mobile or AT&R’s SIM cards helps in shedding their high call prices even while you are travelling internationally. So, if in your country the Smartphone you like is high priced then just search the internet to look for an alternative. Nowadays, unlimited websites are offering smart phones which can be locked as well unlocked. Just select a Smartphone and before going to the store to buy it deeply search mobile trading sites on the Google. The world is too small now you can order your favorite gadget online and get it delivered at your place within 2-3 days. But just be wise enough to select a good website for buying Smartphone.

7 Responses to “Complete guide on How to Buy a Smartphone”

  1. giggerberg says:

    I’ve never bought a smartphone, however I’ve used one that I borrowed from a friend of many. But after seeing so many beautiful phone models here I now kinda feel jealous. Your post is very useful and motivational. Guess I would now finally like to have my own smartphone. Keep up the great work..

  2. hatty-mae says:

    It’s just the PRICE. The carriers lock you in and charge high fees. I wish I could just keep my cellphone and maybe use Twitter on it. I don’t need all of the fancy features. Just talk and text. And use Twitter sometimes.

  3. B.R says:

    Do they make smartphones wih prepaid plans? I want to control my spending and stay out of a contract.

  4. discmartin says:

    I would like to add another step to your guide. 6. Don’t buy nokia. Their OS sucks big time. I have been using nokia for the past 3 years. I must say I’m very disappointed with their OS when compared with Android and IOS. Anyone with me on this? I’m planning to switch to Android by next month.

  5. bjarvis2785 says:

    Great article! 🙂
    i have to agree with @discmartin on the tip not to by Nokia – although i would elaborate on that a little and advise against buying a Nokia with Symbian OS.
    Nokia’s hardware in all honesty is pretty decent, so don’t be put of a Nokia running Windows Phone 7.
    It’s the Symbian OS platform that sucks, and big time!

    One other little tip would be to go for a smartphone with a good camera – A lot of people will say they don’t use their phone as a camera, but with smartphones because you are constantly connected to things like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc then the ability to take a good photo at any given time becomes quite important. Nobody wants to miss that golden photo opportunity 🙂

  6. Robert Brown says:

    Smart phones are great! Although they may not be necessary for children, its always a handy to have one. Especially the Android. I just love how easy it is to use and the features they have to offer are great.

  7. Rita says:

    Following these advices is very important when buying a Smartphone. I am pretty sure there are many people who don’t know to choose a Smartphone with the latest operating system or a phone with a good App store. This article is very useful and I’m sure many people who read it are going to buy only the best Smartphones. 😀

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