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iPhone 5 Hands – On Personal Review – Part 1

This is my personal hands on review of my iPhone 5. My name is Harpreet Parmar, Age 30 from London and I am Webmaster of this site.

I will post a weekly hands on review of my iphone 5 16GB. This will provide a live updated review of the iphone instead of the typical reviews only at the launch date.

Week 1

Finally most of the ios apps are now getting iphone 5 screen size support. I have been deleting any apps that are not optimized for the iphone 5.

One thing i have noticed, is the sharp edges of the iphone 5 shell. Maybe its too sharp 🙁

One feature i would like on the new ios build would be an easy battery saver switch. I would like one button (on or off) to switch off the wifi, mobile data etc into a battery saving mode. I know you cant build this as an APP as apples doesn’t allow access to the features in the Development kit. Good suggestion for apple to add for the next revision.




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