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iPhone 5 Preview

iPhone 5 Preview: Soon to be launched!

  • Expected features of iphone 5
  • Expected release date for iphone 5
  • Expected Price of upcoming iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has been in limelight from some time for its ultimate A6 processor and its next-generation supercool features. According to the reports, iPhone 5 will synchronize with Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) this year in June. Although it’s in rumors but still we don’t know that how iPhone 5 will look like? It is believed that some sources have got its images so they will be out soon.
Everyone is looking for something different in iPhone 5. People are looking forward for drastic changes in the software and hardware

iPhone 5 Preview: Expected features of iphone 5

Let us now discuss the features of the IPhone 5 that are being expected by the users:

  • Fast in pace and more space to store

We are still not sure about how its faster A5 processor is going to work for the iPhone 5 but the Apple claims that its next-generation hardware is so powerful that it can run any application that its developers can think of developing.

The new iPhone 5 processor will likely have an quad core processor.

  • Voice Recognition

At WWDC 2011, the Nuance voice-activation technology couldn’t do much good but it is expected at Apple is going to bring a new change in iPhone 5 through its Nuance Dictation technology. It has been found that still experiments are going on the voice controls and Apple is trying its best to come out with all new voice-recognition technology with iOS 5.

A better improved version of Siri is also likely.

  • Unbelievable alliance of GSM-CDMA

Another news about iPhone 5 is that Apple is trying to make iPhone hardware lines such that they can support either GSM (AT&T) or CDMA (Verizon) and even with possibility of 4G LTE. If they make the “world phone” model successfully then it will be a blessing for the Verizon lovers as they can boot it even when overseas.

  • Camera trick

The Flicker on iPhone 4 has been in very demand and now Apple is trying to make it more proficient to the users. It is believed that iPhone 5’s volume control button will also solve the purpose of camera shutter. The camera app will be improved to enable the fixing of red eye and other editing task within the app itself. The lens, 8MP sensor and flash LED all will be improved.

  • PC Free

Next good thing about the iPhone 5 will be that now you don’t have to tether up with iTunes before start using your iPhone. The rumors are spreading like fire that iPhone 5 will be capable enough to replace the computers for many tasks. It is being believed that with the launch of the Cloud iOS devices you won’t need Mac much.

  • 5GHz 802.11n Support

Although we got the support for the 802.11n wireless on the iPhone 4 but it wasn’t of much benefit as its range was as slow as 2.4GHz. That’s why now Apple is adding 802.11n wireless support in the range of 5GHz spectrum. This will allow the data transfers at a lightning fast speed. Moreover you will also enjoy the features like Wi-Fi Sync, over the air Software Updates and iCloud Backup.

  • Incredible storage space

IPhone 5 is supposed to have the storage 64GB. They didn’t do this with the iPhone 4 and that disappointed its users as bit. So this time they won’t make the same mistake.

iPhone 5 Preview: Expected release date for iphone 5

If we look into the pattern of launch of iPhone, it is being assumed that iPhone 5 will be launched somewhat around the mid of late 2012. According to the news we believe that we will be able to have a look on the new iPhone 5 in June during the Apple’s Worldwide Developer Event (WWDC). Announcements about iPhone 5 were also made at the recent of iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5 Preview: Expected Price of upcoming iPhone 5

Right now we can’t predict much about the price of the iPhone 5. It is somewhere assumed that like iPhone 3GS its price won’t be very high. Although it’s demand is quite high. But in the UK price may go high because of the higher VAT rates.

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