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iPhone 5 Review

iPhone 5 Review: The Most Awaited Device of the year!

  • iPhone 5: Screen
  • iPhone 5: What’s latest?
  • iPhone 5: New Design
  • iPhone 5: Battery and Camera
  • iPhone 5: Maps
  • iPhone 5: Glance at features

Apple has finally ended the suspense by bringing out the most enthusiastically awaited device of the year. The popular iPhone 5 comes with significant changes. It is larger, lighter, faster and thinner. With the high quality construction of this device you will feel like holding it all the time and boasting the 4 inch clear display. The device has a wonderful battery backup so; you can play every second on it without discharging the battery for at least 24 hours.

Now let us check the in depth iPhone 5 review:

iPhone 5: Screen

The most noteworthy change in the device is the screen size. This time Apple played differently by keeping the screen size as 4 inches which is comparable to other smartphones in the market. Though the screen has been extended vertically, the width ratio is still the same like its previous iterations. The phone typically won’t suffice the expectations of users who are used to devices like Samsung galaxy note, Sony Xperia SL, etc.



iPhone 5: What’s latest?

The phone is as good looking as its predecessors. Once you hold the phone in your hand you will feel the smoothness and comfort. Unlike other rivals which have screen sizes greater than 4 inches and are hard to carry in pockets, iPhone 5 is very pocket friendly in terms of size. Once you will power on the device frequent Apple users will observe the change in number of rows, contacts, calendar and emails. There are no significant changes in the display as it still has Retina display only.

iPhone 5: New Design

Everybody is discussing the design changes in new Apply iPhone 5. It is slimmer, light and ultra fast. There are no radical changes in the new model but yes larger is better. Apple claims that it is the lightest smartphone ever made.
But the most impressive factor is the style. You will not get cheap plastic feel while holding this device in your hands. It has a solid construction, aluminum coating all over and on the back as well. It looks amazing. With the new iOS 6, the device will indeed surprise you a lot with its exclusive features!

iPhone 5: Battery and Camera

This time the most significant change that Apple has come up with is the integration of LTE. In other words get the fastest cellular plan and enjoy uploads and downloads at remarkable speeds.
Battery is another add-on in new Apple iPhone 5 as the device has got a great battery backup. New iPhone has got an 8MP camera with true imaging features as seen in all other Apple devices.

iPhone 5: Maps

Now you can enjoy free voice navigation on iPhone 5 with the help of new Maps app in it. It works well and you will not miss Google navigation. You can even use turn by turn navigation.

iPhone 5: Glance at features

You can make use of the Open table app to book sitting in your favorite restaurants, or you can book movies or play sports. The 3-D flyover app tends to provide a complete upper level view of the place while driving and makes your journey free of wrong turns. Siri beta is also there in new iPhone 5 with not much of upgrade. Facebook integration has been added to a lot of applications in new Apple iPhone 5.

Speaking of Facebook, Apple has added sharing to that service as a built-in feature that works with many apps on the phone. Now you get a feature of adding reminder to call back if you are unable to attend calls. Apple’s video calling works great over LTE.
This time Apple decided to exclude wireless transfer feature called NFC in iPhone 5 while other rival smartphones are boasting this feature a lot.
Now let’s jump to pros and cons of the device in iPhone 5 review:

  • Design is sturdy and impressive
  • Screen size is apt
  • Battery is improved tremendously
  • Light weight and freaking fast


  • Apple maps has some bugs
  • Lightning port is tricky to handle
  • Aluminum body is prone to scratches

iPhone 5 Summary:
Though many people feel that new Apple Iphone 5 has not got any extra striking features still Apple made a point to deliver what it promised for. The device has been an improvised version of its predecessors and has got a plenty of new features of its own too. So, move on and get the real feel of new iOS 6 and other excellent changes in iPhone 5.

2 Responses to “iPhone 5 Review”

  1. Steven Chung says:

    The Iphone 5 is a funny device because it’s so…different. It’s small but the screen is big. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing but the screen is really big compared to tother Iphones. I was in a meeting yesterday and someone took out his 5 and it looked so unusual that it was interesting. I asked if I could use it and I was impressed. And thankfully Apple FINALLY added LTE. It was too slow before and if they didn’t add modern speeds they would have lost alot of sales.

    What about the sratches? Are they really noticeable or does it take a while for you to see them?

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