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iPhone Battery Extender

iPhone Battery Extender: Use your iPhone 24 hrs without a break!

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People keep on trying different apps on iPhone, browse internet and all this eats battery at a very fast pace. Once its battery is damaged it is irreplaceable and you have to use it like that. Therefore all these reasons show that buying an iPhone battery extender is a good idea. You can easily keep your all channels of communication open with battery extender while you are on the go. The best thing about iPhone battery extender is that besides charging your iPhone you also get the benefit of extra talk time.

If you start using a iPhone battery extender case that means your iPhone is getting its power from this extended case and thus besides the battery recharge you will also enjoy more life of your phone’s battery. So now you can enjoy using your iPhone wherever and whenever without worrying about its battery getting low.

  • iPhone Battery Extender: It doesn’t let your phone’s battery to die

    You must have felt irritated when you want to make some urgent call and you find that your phone’s battery is dead. But now you won’t be facing any such problems once you start using an iPhone battery extender case.

  • iPhone Battery Extender: It doesn’t let your phone being damaged

    Sometimes your iPhone may get slipped from your hands but this won’t be an issue with the iPhone battery extender case as it provides you with better holding grip. In case your phone falls then also this case will protect your iPhone from the damage.

  • iPhone Battery Extender: It looks stylish

    People like to be stylish whether it is their hair style or phones. The iPhone cases from Mophie Juice Pack make your phone looks classy. These cases are available in different colors.

  • iPhone battery extender: PhoneSuit Elite battery case

    This battery is a great option for all the models of the 4 and 4S Apple iPhones. This battery case offers you with doubling the power of your phone. Not only this, case so nicely fit’s on your phone that it protects phone from any damage when slipped accidently. It only takes 2 hours to fully recharge your iPhone. The installation of this case is very easy.

  • iPhone battery extender: Case Mate iPhone 4/4S Fuel Lite

    This case is known as iPhone’s Life Support System by the manufacturer as it can revive its built-in battery and phone again gets its life back. Its light in weight and it integrated with 1020mAh. This case protects your phone in case of any kind of drop. The case is made in such a way that all the cuts are at exact position for the camera and other ports. Moreover you also get a microUSB cable with its pack.

  • iPhone battery extender: Mophie Juice pack air

    The next entry in our list of best iPhone battery extenders is Mophie Juice Pack with a battery of 1500mAh. Moreover it’s perfect from the style and protection point of view for your iPhone. Even if your iPhone’s battery is dead still it can work for more 6 hours with the help of Mophie Juice pack air battery extender.

When it comes to choose the best iPhone battery extender, the Mophie Juice Pack is found to be the perfect choice. You can even stop the Juice case from charging through an embedded standby button. It allows you to make your calls, chat with friends, internet browsing and playing games for long hours.

So now iPhone’s short battery life is not an issue. These battery extenders have proved to be boons for the iPhone users.

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  1. Vradu says:

    Ask any smart phone user for their biggest fear and 8 out of 10 will say it’s an empty battery in times when they need their phone the most. But now with this new extended battery life feature smartphone users can feel a lot safer. 24 hours battery back up is surely a great performance.

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