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iPhone Battery Life – iphone battery life tips

iphone battery life – iphone battery life tips

iphone battery life

iphone battery life

iphone battery life tips 1: Set brightness level to the low or medium!

A lot of battery gets wasted if you set your screen brightness to the maximum level. Screens today themselves are bright enough that you don’t need this feature. In order to set the brightness of your iPhone set it to the default level in the Settings under the Brightness & Wallpaper heading.

Reduce iphone brightness

Reduce iphone brightness

iphone battery life tips 2: Surf Internet via Wi-Fi rather than 3G

Apple claims that the battery life of the iPad is 10 hours if you are using it on Wi-Fi but may reduce to almost 9 hours on 3G. Similarly, iPhone gives 10 hours battery backup on Wi-Fi and only about 6 hours when you are using 3G. That means working on Wi-Fi is much better than to work on the 3G.

iphone disable 3g

iphone battery life tips 3: Push notifications should be minimized!

Are your notifications from social networking sites really important? If not, then why to waste battery just go to Settings ->Notifications and turn the Push off. This tip also saves battery as your iPhone won’t be fetching data from such apps.

iphone push

iphone battery life tips 4: Don’t let Sun heat drain battery of your iPhone!

Your battery life reduces when exposed to heat. Try not to forget any of your iPhone in a car standing under sun shade as your heat will completely hamper the life of your battery. Then you will be left with no other choice of getting battery replaced from Apple. It is obvious that it will cost you very high. Always keep this thing in mind that never leaves your iPhone in any kind of hot environment.

iphone battery life tips 5: Make a habit of using Airplane mode!

In case you don’t require access to the internet or you have planned to play some interesting game on your iPhone for hours then it is better to set your device on the Airplane mode. Although it will also block all the calls on your iPhone but it is good when you don’t want any kind of disturbance. Setting your phone to the Airplane mode is best in the areas where connections are constantly fluctuating. As iPhones are easily attracted by the connections so this results in wastage of battery.

iphone airplane mode

iphone airplane mode

iphone battery life tips 6: Avoid Calendar or Mail Checking!

This case is common for the people who get lots of mails regularly and also use sync calendar or contact accounts. The data keeps on downloading that results in ruining of battery life at a very fast pace.

In case you don’t get important mails frequently then you can turn off the automatic check option and check manually when required.

iphone battery life tips 7: Turn down your system sounds!

This is not a very commonly used tip but it is for those who don’t bother about the system sounds. Turning off these sounds will save some amount of battery.

iphone sound setting

iphone sound setting

iphone battery life tips 8: Location services should be turned off!

Disable your location services in Settings->General if you don’t use such services as they waste your iphone  battery.

iphone location Services

How to turn off iphone location services

iphone battery life tips 9: While playing turn off Vibration!

Battery can be saved by disabling the vibration while playing games that have vibration feature in them. Games when played intensively consume more battery.

iphone battery life tips 10: Turn Bluetooth off!

iphone bluetooth

How to turn off iphone bluetooth

Bluetooth of your iPhone must be turned off when you are not using it for connecting with any other Bluetooth enabled device. This also prevents the battery drainage.

iphone battery life tips 11: Maximize your battery life!

It has been recommended that you should completely discharge and then recharge the battery of your iPhone once in a while. This makes your device more efficient.

iphone battery life tips 12: Quick screen lock!

iphone autolock

iphone autolock

Your screen lock settings should be such that the screen turns off instantly as soon as you stop working on your iPhone. This technique will also help you save the battery of your iPhone.

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6 Responses to “iPhone Battery Life – iphone battery life tips”

  1. Raymond Shore says:

    I never knew that using 3G and WiFi have different levels of battery consumption. My job requires me to travel a lot and I use 3G most of the time even though when WiFi is available. My mail checking too is on all the time but I seldom get mail so it’s really just a waste of my battery. Can anyone share more tips on iphone battery life? I need this because I’m out on the field for more than 8 hours a day and at the end of the day my battery is always drained.

    • Barry DeVille says:

      Hi Raymond, I’m a part of a small sales team in Seattle. I have my guys avoid checking their phone every few minutes. They just leave it alone until we’re out of meetings and check it only between meetings. We do all of the heavy lifting back at the office. WiFi is bad here so we have to use 3G.

  2. Gary Turner says:

    I don’t care what Apple says. I can NEVER get that much time on my iPhone. The battery is drained in half an hour or so. I rely on email and Safari when I’m out and that taxes my battery. I have my screen on medium but using maps and email eats up the battery.

  3. Jason Schott says:

    I can get my iPhone 3G to make it through the day with one simple trick: put it to sleep when I’m not using it. As soon as I check something I press the button on top to put it to sleep. The screen dims and that stops a lot of power consumption.

  4. Gertrude Bayless says:

    Yes! Been looking for one of these posts! My smart phone kept on dying on me by the end of the day and I’ve always found it a pain to frequently charge it. I’ll be sure to use these helpful tips.

  5. Queen says:

    Wow! These advices are very helpful. I always have problem with my iPhone battery life. Thank you so much for these tips. I am going to start following them.

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