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What is BlueJacking

The phrase BlueJacking is attributed to Ajack – a member of the Esato boards who ‘discovered’ it back in 2002. In order to understand BlueJacking you need to understand Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology is an open specification that enables short-range wireless connections between devices like laptop computers, mobile phones, printers & digital cameras. Bluetooth wireless ...

Bluetooth Headsets Reviews

Bluetooth Headsets Reviews A Bluetooth wireless headset is a hands free device which you attach to your ear that allows you to perform other tasks, such as driving, using the computer, or anything else that requires the use of your hands, while still being able to talk on the phone. Most often, Bluetooth wireless headsets are used to connect to Bluetooth enabled cell phones, ...

Free Bluetooth Software – Download Free Bluetooth Applications

Mobile Witch Remote Control Bluetooth Software This program is one of the best which can be used to control your computer from distance. The software addresses to those owning a mobile phone with Blue Tooth which can be successfully turned into a very efficient remote controller. Now you can make PowerPoint presentation and watch the actual slides on your phone. Tones of handy features available ...