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Android battery life

Android battery life When the shining android handset comes into your hand then you will never come to know where the battery has gone within few hours. Nobody can bear up connecting his phone to the charger after few hours again and again. So, to avoid this trouble you can follow some simple tips given below to make best use of your android device and enjoy your device to your fullest. Android battery ...
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iPhone Battery Life – iphone battery life tips

iphone battery life – iphone battery life tips iphone battery life tips 1: Set brightness level to the low or medium! A lot of battery gets wasted if you set your screen brightness to the maximum level. Screens today themselves are bright enough that you don’t need this feature. In order to set the brightness of your iPhone set it to the default level in the Settings under the Brightness & ...

Android tips and tricks

Top Android tips and tricks Android tips and tricks for Android 2.3 Android phone tips for Android Phones Nowadays smartphones are in great hype and among them the android operating system is one of the most interesting one. It is not always easy to work with android phones for a new user due to its large number of cool and exciting features. This time Google tried to make everything easy to work ...

Top 10 iOS 5 tips and tricks

Top 10 iOS 5 tips and tricks From the beginning the iOS has always been exceptional and every year keeps upgrading it for its customers and now in 2011 the awaited iOS5 was launched. After going through all its improvements and innovations we have collected around 10 tips and tricks of iOS 5. For those who haven’t upgraded yet just connect your Apple widget to your computer. Once you launch iTunes, ...
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Best windows phone 7 apps

Best windows phone 7 apps The new Windows Phone 7 has Microsoft’s new OS which included the features which are completely different from the pocket PC and the apps of old versions do not run on this new operating system. But people find this new change really worthy as the new apps are very much appreciated by the users. These new apps are giving tough competition to the iPhone and Android. Let us ...
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IOS 5 vs. Windows Phone 7.5

IOS 5 vs. Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Comparison: Let’s check who will win? Mobile industry is getting hot due to the competition between top 3 mobile operating systems namely, Google Android, Windows Mango and Apple iOS5. All these operating systems are in neck to neck fight with each other, so, it will difficult for the users to select the best one. The big giants have come up with great improvements ...

IOS 5 Vs. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

IOS 5 Vs. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich What’s the latest buzz in the mobile market? So which one will you prefer IOS 5 or Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich? It’s Apple vs. Google everywhere. While iOS 5 can be explored on new Apple iPhone 4s handset the other one can be checked on new Samsung galaxy Nexus. Google has launched ICS with a new broad category of features which can make users addictive ...
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Android vs. BlackBerry vs. iPhone Users

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review Write a review and share your opinion about the Samsung Galaxy Tab Review Samsung Galaxy Tab Review Summary Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab is like a smaller version of laptops. It scores over iPad. It is lighter and comparatively smaller than iPad enabling it to be portable. It is not a clone of iPad. Excellent form factor at 7″ size, FLASH Support, ...

HTC Desire HD Review

HTC Desire HD Review Write a review and share your opinion about the HTC Desire HD HTC Desire HD Review Summary HTC Desire HD is bringing a 4.3-inch touch screen packed in aluminum body and features a 1GHz 8255 Snapdragon processor, 8MP camera with dual-LED flash and 720p video recording, HSPA+ data with 802.11n WiFi Huge capacitive touchscreen measuring 4.3 inches, 8 megapixel ...