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Complete guide on How to Buy a Smartphone

A Complete guide on How to Buy a Smartphone Nowadays everyone is interested in buying a smartphone as now people don’t want just a cellphone. Coming of smartphones has revolutionized the wireless speeds. Android phones are the most powerful players in the market. Apple as always has again crossed 90 million customers for its all new iPhone 4. This success story has not been same for other smartphones ...

How to setup mail signature on your iPhone – Quick Tip

How to change your signature to something a little more custom and personal than “Sent from my iPhone?” 1. Tap on the settings application 2. Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars. 3. Scroll down to Signature. 4. Enter the New Custom Signature

How to delete iCloud backups from your iPhone – Quick iPhone Tip

[poll id=”10″] iCloud offers iPhone & iPad users a great method to secure your personal data in the cloud. However you may run out of the FREE 5GB of storage from Apple. Open Settings iCloud Scroll down to the bottom and tap on ‘Storage and Backup’ Click on Manage Storage Click on the backup you want to remove from iCloud Click on Delete Backup

Siri commands

What is Siri? What is Siri? Siri is an application for the iPhone that provides speech recognition capabilities, allowing you to speak commands to your phone.  It lets you use your voice to make calls, send messages, schedule meetings, set reminders, and a whole lot more.  Siri understands what you say, allowing you hands free control to your iPhone 4s. Can my iPhone use Siri? The Siri application ...

Blackberry Battery Life – Avoid blackberry battery drain

Blackberry Battery Life Tips Tips to avoid blackberry battery drain Best blackberry battery monitor apps Easy settings changes to extend your blackberry battery life So, you must have been reading this page to know more about how to maximize the blackberry battery life. People want to use 2G, Wi-Fi, and play games all the time on their smart phones and still want to have a great battery backup. ...

Android battery life

Android battery life When the shining android handset comes into your hand then you will never come to know where the battery has gone within few hours. Nobody can bear up connecting his phone to the charger after few hours again and again. So, to avoid this trouble you can follow some simple tips given below to make best use of your android device and enjoy your device to your fullest. Android battery ...
kindle fire Android

Amazon Kindle Fire Review

Amazon Kindle Fire: Value for Money Tablet The Amazon’s new Kindle Fire is giving a tough competition to the iPad. This 7-inch tablet is offering a bundle of things within a small pack that people have become interested in it. Just like iTunes, through this Android based Kindle Fire you can easily access unlimited books, magazines, videos, music and apps using a single account. The best thing about ...
iphone autolock iPhone

iPhone Battery Life – iphone battery life tips

iphone battery life – iphone battery life tips iphone battery life tips 1: Set brightness level to the low or medium! A lot of battery gets wasted if you set your screen brightness to the maximum level. Screens today themselves are bright enough that you don’t need this feature. In order to set the brightness of your iPhone set it to the default level in the Settings under the Brightness & ...

Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich Review

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Review Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has been introduced as a perfect blend of android 2 and android 3.0 Honeycomb which was for tablets only. The special features of the Android 4.0, here they are as follows: Interface and Home With Ice Cream Sandwich you get three buttons viz back, home and recent to control it. The Honeycomb and ICS also uses the same design. But ...

Nokia Lumia 710 Review

Nokia Lumia 710: Affordable Windows 7.5 Mango Phone Nokia recently launched its new Windows Phone 7 device, Lumia 710, at a very affordable price. Nokia is hoping high with this new phone and claims it to be the First real Windows phone. The phone has been designed for then young generation to give a tough competition to the BlackBerry, iPhone like smartphones.  The matt finished Lumia 710 is made ...