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Reduce Your Mobile Phone Bill

Reduce Your Mobile Phone Bill: Get rid of long phone bills through simple ways!

  • Buy according to your need
  • Keep an eye on your data limit
  • Control your family’s data plans
  • Enjoy Benefit of Wi-Fi
  • Avoid buying Carrier services

How to save money on your mobile phone bill

Nowadays your mandatory monthly expenses include not only your utility bills but even your mobile phone bills. Usually people don’t bother about finding those plans that can save their money rather they keep on paying those hefty bills. All you have to do is just to find the best service plans available.

From past some time there have been drastic changes in the service plans offered by different carriers. You may come across many unlimited plans claiming free talk time, the number of text messages as well as data usage for browsing or downloading. It’s better while choosing the best plan for you and your family you should carefully read the fine printed terms and conditions and then decides what to buy.

We have collected here some useful tips that can help you to save money on your mobile phone bills:

  • Reduce Your Mobile Phone Bill: Buy how much you need

    It has been observed that there are few people who instead of buying what they need, buy more minutes than they required. Before buying you must check that on an average how much minutes you use per month. For this you can contact your service provider’s customer care to know that how much you talk from past few months. This can help you to decide your best plan. You can even enjoy the service that alerts you as soon as you exceed your plan’s billing amount.

  • Reduce Your Mobile Phone Bill: Keep an eye on your data limit

    Today we are completely dependent on our phones for internet access while on the go not only for calling but for browsing internet, accessing emails, etc. Now as this usage is increasing day by day, the network carriers have starting charging overhead charges on data usage also. You may now find plans offering 250MB or some more costly plans with data usage limit of 1GB or 2GB. Generally people don’t realize and use more MB than their plan and thus have to pay more money. Therefore its better you keep track of how much data you are using. The smart phones like Apple iPhone or Android phones have such apps that help you to know about your data limit.

  • Reduce Your Mobile Phone Bill: Control your family’s data plans

    When you buy family plans then all the people in that plan have to share the talk time, counts of messages and data usage limit. This means that if a single person exceeds the limited then everyone have to suffer by paying extra bills. Usually it’s the case with teenagers in the family.

  • Reduce Your Mobile Phone Bill: Enjoy benefit of Wi-Fi

    If you want to save on your mobile bills then lower the burden by using Wi-Fi whenever available.You can even connect your iPhone or Android phones and enjoy free calling through apps JAJAH and Tango respectively.

  • Reduce Your Mobile Phone Bill: Avoid buying carrier services

    Network providers try to attract people with their music and entertainment related services. But they just end up with costly bills instead you can enjoy such services for free with apps like Text free that offer you your own number on which your friends and family can call or text for free. Other apps like Pandora Radio are perfect from the entertainment point of view and they cost you nothing. When it comes to navigation apps the Verizon customers having iPhones and Android-based phones can download free Waze app for this purpose.

These are not the only tips you can find many more useful services provided by different carriers on the internet. First you should be aware about your monthly voice and data usage then you can easily find which plan suits you. To know your usage you can simply logon to your online carrier account and you can even get alerts for exceeding your limits.

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2 Responses to “Reduce Your Mobile Phone Bill”

  1. Vradu says:

    Presently I do not use cell phones much but there was a time when I would make about 50 calls per day and talk to my friends for hours. Those days are gone and I do surely save a lot more money now.

  2. Inder says:

    I’ve used tango. very good app. mobile phone bills have never been a headache for me as I don’t talk much over the phone. I use my smartphone mainly for browsing and playing games. However, I know friends who may need to read this article. Sharing with them, hope it helps them reduce their cell phone costs.

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