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Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

  • Samsung Galaxy S3: Hardware & Screen
  • Samsung Galaxy S3: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Samsung Galaxy S3: New Features
  • Samsung Galaxy S3: Battery and Camera
  • Samsung Galaxy S3: CPU Performance

Samsung Galaxy S3 has indeed created a buzz in the phone market across the world. Samsung has launched one of its best phones in terms of performance and style. The phone came out in May 2012 and has already broken all the benchmarks in terms of sales. Every Samsung Galaxy S3 review talks about the wonderful features of the phone along with add-ons in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS it has.

Samsung Galaxy S3: Hardware & Screen

Big phones have their own astonishing appeal, that’s why Samsung galaxy s3 bounds you in the first look. The 4.8 inch display is a total thumbs up as more and more people go for quality display these days. In the first look you may find it difficult to handle but it’s quite manageable. The phone is slimmer compared to all other top-notch phones in the market. Though phone has a glossy finish which makes it attractive but plastic back is a total turn off for a phone in such a price range. The superb SUPER AMOLED screen takes all the tension while using the phone and that’s why plastic feel of the body didn’t bother many users. With Samsung Galaxy S3 you get an unquestionable video playback that is comparable to a tablet or a TV. The screen resolution is also quite high and comparable to HTC one X.

Samsung Galaxy S3: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

The all new galaxy S3 has Ice Cream Sandwich which is a fresh operating system with loads of new features and quickies. With the ICS on phone, it has the capability of putting virtual icons on screen just like Nexus. There a physical button on the phone as well which is not a great add-on in terms of design.
There are two virtual keys on both sides of the physical button. The all new feature is face unlock which works perfectly on Samsung galaxy s3. Other new quickies include screenshot capturing just by swiping your hand across the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S3: New Features

There is a whole list of features incorporated in Galaxy S3 which makes it stand out in the crowd. Few of them are:

    • S Voice: Just like Siri in Apple Samsung has added S voice in its all new Galaxy S3. Though it is fast and competitive but still lacks behind Siri in commands.
  • Smart Stay: Now driving car and keeping the phone unlocked is very easy. With this entire new feature the front camera recognizes your eyes and turns your phone to power saver once eyes are not recognized.
  • Smart Call: just raise the phone to your ear while messaging and you will be able to call the person. Save touching the call button again and again with this feature.
  • NFC: Samsung has also put in NFC that can be used with Android Beam to transfer contacts in Android devices.

These features are so human friendly and can be used anyone. That’s why the phone has been launched with human centric features.

Samsung Galaxy S3: Battery and Camera

New Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 12MP rear camera and a 1.9MP front facing camera which is quite a good deal. The sensors are also of a great quality and you can capture a good resolution full HD video at 1080p.
Battery of Samsung Galaxy S3 is an advantage. With the types of features in this handset you cannot expect good battery life but surprisingly the phone has a great battery backup.

Samsung Galaxy S3: CPU Performance


New generation people cannot withstand lag anywhere especially when it comes to smartphones. Speed is a key factor that everyone looks in their smartphone. Galaxy S3 has an inbuilt quad core processor which delivers great performance. It never slows down and just keeps giving the best.

Here are few pros and cons of Samsung Galaxy S3:


  • Great Screen Size
  • Cool extraordinary features
  • great battery life


  • Plastic body feel


Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the dream smartphones for any techie or common man. It may not fall in the pocket of all in terms of price but people are anxious to have hands-on on this new tech product. With the proper designing, functionality, screen, built and Speed features, there is no doubt that the phone is splendid and unsurpassed. With growing 5 stars ratings every week, the hone has created a special place in everyone’s heart.

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3 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S3 Review”

  1. Dexter Farrell says:

    You’re right. The plastic is a turn off. And I think it’s too big. I don’t know it’s a toss up because it’s big on the one hand and then it totally rocks with features. The cameras are the best I’ve seen on a smartphone. They should make a smaller one that can fit in your pocket without looking like you’re hiding something. I had one and then returned it. they really should make a smaller one and beef up the enclosure.

  2. Galaxy S3 was still ok, S4 looked the same and so did the S5 (almost). Samsung needs to change that same look. We’ll see that in S6 😉

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