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How to setup mail signature on your iPhone – Quick Tip

How to change your signature to something a little more custom and personal than “Sent from my iPhone?” 1. Tap on the settings application 2. Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars. 3. Scroll down to Signature. 4. Enter the New Custom Signature

Siri commands

What is Siri? What is Siri? Siri is an application for the iPhone that provides speech recognition capabilities, allowing you to speak commands to your phone.  It lets you use your voice to make calls, send messages, schedule meetings, set reminders, and a whole lot more.  Siri understands what you say, allowing you hands free control to your iPhone 4s. Can my iPhone use Siri? The Siri application ...
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iPhone Battery Life – iphone battery life tips

iphone battery life – iphone battery life tips iphone battery life tips 1: Set brightness level to the low or medium! A lot of battery gets wasted if you set your screen brightness to the maximum level. Screens today themselves are bright enough that you don’t need this feature. In order to set the brightness of your iPhone set it to the default level in the Settings under the Brightness & ...

Top 10 iOS 5 tips and tricks

Top 10 iOS 5 tips and tricks From the beginning the iOS has always been exceptional and every year keeps upgrading it for its customers and now in 2011 the awaited iOS5 was launched. After going through all its improvements and innovations we have collected around 10 tips and tricks of iOS 5. For those who haven’t upgraded yet just connect your Apple widget to your computer. Once you launch iTunes, ...

IOS 5 hand on review

There has been a prolonged apprehension for the iOS 5 and now it is here. The reasons for the wait were the promises made by the Apple to come up with a more startling Game Center that every iOS user was wishing for accompanying with Wi-Fi syncing, PC- free setup and lots more. Let’s move to all these features of iOS 5. Notification Center It is a new big feature offering the notifications like ...
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IOS 5 vs. Windows Phone 7.5

IOS 5 vs. Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Comparison: Let’s check who will win? Mobile industry is getting hot due to the competition between top 3 mobile operating systems namely, Google Android, Windows Mango and Apple iOS5. All these operating systems are in neck to neck fight with each other, so, it will difficult for the users to select the best one. The big giants have come up with great improvements ...

Apple vs Symbian

Apple OS4 Vs Symbian Apple OS4 is one of the best mobile phone operating systems in the present time. Its various features, particularly multitasking, is top-notch. Symbian needs update and more improvement Apple OS4 Vs SymbianVideo Review:

Apple iPhone 4 Review

Apple iPhone 4 Review Write a review and share your opinion about the iphone 4  This device is definitely the biggest update that happened to the iPhone, which comes loaded with a latest sleek design and a new mobile phone operating system iOS4. The OS is touted as the best, but the latest version of Google Android is also making a lot of noise. Some of ...

Apple iPhone 3G Review | iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G Review Write a review and share your opinion about the Apple iPhone 3G With fast 3G wireless technology, GPS mapping, support for enterprise features like Microsoft Exchange, and the new App Store, iPhone 3G puts even more features at your fingertips. And like the original iPhone, it combines three products in one — a revolutionary phone, a widescreen ...

Apple iPhone 3GS Review

Apple iPhone 3GS Phone Write a review and share your opinion about the Apple iPhone 3GS. The iPhone 3G S is easily the best iPhone ever. Apple have filled in the missing pieces of the jigsaw and created possibly the best phone / media player / internet device ever. Highlights include GPS navigation with a digital compass, ...