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Nokia Lumia 710 Review

Nokia Lumia 710: Affordable Windows 7.5 Mango Phone Nokia recently launched its new Windows Phone 7 device, Lumia 710, at a very affordable price. Nokia is hoping high with this new phone and claims it to be the First real Windows phone. The phone has been designed for then young generation to give a tough competition to the BlackBerry, iPhone like smartphones.  The matt finished Lumia 710 is made ...

Nokia X5 Review

Nokia has announced the launch of new X series music centric phone known as X5-01 during the Nokia Connection event at Singapore.  Nokia X5-01, a rather curious looking yoof phone that’s designed for text-happy youngsters who can’t afford don’t want a touchscreen smartphone. The X5-01 is completely square, with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard (or keymat, as Nokia calls it) that’s similar to ...

Nokia N97 Mini Review

Nokia’s top N97 smartphone may have resulted in mixed reviews, but its new, rescaled Nokia N97 Mini stablemate offers a refreshed take on the device. Its ‘Mini’ moniker doesn’t mean this is a heavily stripped down version of the original N97 however while it does pare down some elements of the N97 – such as a smaller screen and reduced internal flash memory from 32GB to ...